Where AI & IoT Meet for Fleet: Innovations for Risk Mitigation
Hosted by Kore Wireless
September 17 | 11am EST
It’s late afternoon on a bright sunny day. A truck has begun listing across lanes of a highway. The truck driver had fallen asleep at the wheel! AI technology detects what has happened, an alert sounds, swiftly rousing the driver – crisis averted. 
Join our webinar to see how Artificial intelligence leverages the use of a multi-camera and mDVR system that records driver behavior and alerts drivers and managers in real-time. Unsafe driver behavior such as drowsiness, using a cellphone, distracted driving, lane departure and driving too close to other vehicles is visually detected by AI-enabled cameras and an in-cabin system instantly alerts the driver. During the webinar you’ll learn how advancements in artificial intelligence provides life-saving and cost-saving benefits for the fleet management industry. 
In this webinar, you will learn how AI-enabled in-vehicle video solutions from KORE can:
  • Detect the most common behaviors that lead to accidents
  • Provide real-time alerts to drivers and managers for immediate and long-term driving behavior correction
  • Prevent costly accidents and litigation
  • Help mitigate rising insurance premiums with historical data
  • Provide a holistic solution with hardware, connectivity, and platform management
 Who should attend:
  • Fleet managers
  • Commercial vehicle companies
  • Fleet management association members
  • Truck manufacturing companies

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