November 18-20, 2020
FOCUS: Electrification
2020 Survey Results

In May 2020 the Informa Tech Automotive Group set out to uncover the state of the electric vehicle market in North America. From potential regulation changes to COVID-19 uncertainties to supply chain transformations, the market has experienced a turbulent year and that uncertainty doesn’t look set to end anytime soon. We’ve compacted our survey findings into a summary below to help you best prepare for the year ahead.

It’s no surprise that the biggest setback for widespread EV adoption in the USA is the lack of charging infrastructure, with 1/3rd of respondents confirming so. But this is by no means the only obstruction to personal electric vehicle ownership. Just under half of respondents (47%) cited range anxiety or initial vehicle cost as fundamental impediments to adoption. It appears that despite significant battery developments, consumers are still hesitant to rely solely on a BEV. Perhaps that’s why 2/3rd of our audience also agreed that hybrid vehicles provide the best solution for overcoming range anxiety issues. Consumers are hesitant to change, looking for reassurance that the vehicle can still be powered by the internal combustion engine that they are used to.

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