Informa Tech Automotive Group will be offering a series of online panel discussions in November, focused on the emerging AutoTech Digital Economy. This digital series will bring the AutoTech community together with Insurance, Retail, Finance, Telco, and Entertainment players to discuss the next generation of services and experiences that the vehicle can and will provide.

With siloed development approaches to the software defined vehicle, there is a real need for standards across in-car media systems. The Digital Economy umbrella allows us to consider how aggregators, content providers and OS suppliers can work with Automakers to further monetize the vehicle through new consumer experiences. These nascent ecosystem opportunities, although appealing to automakers, uncover a host of essential new learnings, business model approaches and partnership opportunities.

This includes exploring a variety of challenges:

  • Subscription models for services and vehicle ownership.
  • The influx of data flowing from connected vehicles.
  • The shift towards OEMs needing to analyse, monetise, and harvest data.
  • OEMs generating software for their vehicles or partnering with third parties to speed up the development process.
  • Data and vehicle ownership, privacy, cybersecurity and safety.
  • The development of next generation operating systems, in-vehicle entertainment and seamless e-commerce experiences.

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7th November, 2022

Data - The Incoming Influx
11:00am EST/4:00pm GMT | 45 min

With the influx of data flowing from connected vehicles, the development of strategies around software generation, data harvesting and analytics is crucial. As well as this, defining data ownership, cloud and connectivity orchestration are at the forefront of the automotive industry agenda. 

  • Who will own the data from the vehicle and customers as third-party partners such as software companies and big tech companies sweep into the market?
  • What is the software company perspective, compared to an OEM? What is the current level of understanding and knowledge at an OEM?
  • Who’s responsible for paying for services, like 5G, that enable a seamless flow of data?
  • How will OEM capability to analyse this data impact the customer experience?

Moderator: Maite Bezerra, Principal Analyst, Wards Intelligence

Panelist: Gopichandra Surnilla, Innovation Leader, Ford Motor Company

9th November, 2022

Infotainment - Keeping the Customer Content
11:00am EST/4:00pm GMT | 45 min

Infotainment is an opportunity for content providers to build market share prior to the fully autonomous vehicle in-car entertainment era. Features such as navigation, voice control, app store, payment services, and in-car entertainment all impact customer experience and satisfaction. How are software and streaming services integrating seamlessly for customers?

  • Will customers pay extra to have widely used services such as Netflix, Hulu or Spotify in their car? Or would they be able to coordinate subscriptions to make one payment across their devices?
  • Is the best route to offering customers access to their preferred services through partnerships between telematics providers and streaming services? Or should the automaker cherry-pick partners and build bespoke infotainment systems?
  • How can AR heads-up displays reduce driver distraction and demonstrate future use-cases in autonomous vehicles?

Moderator: Christie Truett, Principal Analyst – Digital Economy, Wards Intelligence

Panelist: Terence Yim, Strategic Marketing Leader, AGC Automotive Americas

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